Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Slight changes to syllabus

As I told you at the beginning of class, I would be making slight changes to the syllabus during the course of the semester.

Here is what changed:

1.  Better definition to the "objectives" of the course.

2.  I've also brought more specificity to the part about the "conductor's mindset" in the above chart.

3.  Your "conducting log" is now worth 5% of your semester final grade.  See here:

Entire syllabus:

Conducting Syllabus - Fall 2012 -

Link to Log


1.  We've defined part of the undefined portion of the original syllabus.  The 10% part of the grade that was "participation and special projects" is now 5% participation and 5% conducting log.
From September 19, 2012 until the rest of the semester, I am counting your conducting practice as part of your grade.

Minimum expected:  15 minutes a day for six days a week.  (total of 90 minutes)

Revised Link.