Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Sibelius and Chant Discussion

We talked about this today:


  1. acknowledgement that class wasn't comfortable using Sibelius to transcribe assignments
  2. acknowledgement that computerized music notation was a skill we needed to have when we represented ourselves as a musician with a degree
  1. acknowledged that the notation of chant was a barrier to performing it
  2. we reference it in history books, but don't know how to sing it
  3. talked through some of the lessons we already learned from this first exercise:
    • the first thing on the page was the C clef - showing us where "Do" was - not a note to transcribe
    • when we see notes stacked on top of each other, we sing the bottom one first and then the top one
    • if we see notes almost stacked on top of each other, we sing the notes left to right
    • little vertical lines in the chant were breath marks
A plan:
  1. we will familiarize ourself with Sibelius once again with little projects along the course of this semester
  2. we will use chant for the first project - first learning what the chant symbols mean - and then we will put it into Sibelius notation
  3. we will spend part of a class period in the computer lab using the basics of Sibelius in rendering musical notes and text underlay
  4. once we can transcribe the chant accurately into modern notation, we will conduct it

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