Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Assessing the Video Test - cues, releases, sustains

This is your assessment tool, that you will complete after I post the videos.  You will complete this on Monday instead of coming to class - due by Monday noon.  I will grade them Monday afternoon.

Here are the Partner Pairings for this Assessment - their are uneven numbers, so the first three are a little different.  In case you are wondering, I assign these randomly - put names on little slips of paper and draw them out.

Drew Bailey reviews Meredith McCoy
Meredith McCoy reviews Matt Theodorus 
Matt Theodorus reviews Drew Bailey

These students review each other:

Elizabeth Berg - Shara Lewis
Kristin Boyd - John Keyton
Lindsay Cleveland - Ben Griner
Lydia East - Lauren Carpenter
Whitney Head - Julia Gray
Enoch Ko - Dominic Aliffi
Mandy Liu - Chris Barbee
Sarah - Sarah

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