Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Confronting our Demons

Here are the fears you mentioned about becoming a conductor.  Red is 9:30 class.  Blue is 10:30 class.

  • Being in front of people
  • Messing up
  • Independence of Hands
  • Intimidation
  • People that you lead will know more than you
  • Fear of being judged - them misunderstanding who you are
  • Fear of being in a leadership position
  • Not organized enough
  • Time commitment to learn scores
  • Mis-interpreting the music
  • Fear that feedback would be critical
  • Fear that the group you are leading will resist you.
  • Fear that the ensemble will lead the conductor instead of the conductor leading the ensemble
  • Coordination of the left hand
  • choosing repertoire that will be passionate
  • Filling all the responsibilities of the conductor
  • Researching music
  • Not knowing what you should know
  • Fear the responsibility of making a long lasting impact on an ensemble member or audience that is negative

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